Shoe Drive Resources

You’ll find some materials below to help you promote your shoe drive online, offline, and in the media.

Things to consider:

  • Most shoe drives last about 4 weeks.
  • We recommend suggesting a $2 donation to help offset the cost of shipping the shoes to our nearest warehouse. Other options include approaching local businesses to sponsor the cost of shipping the shoes. Ask about options for taxable receipts.
  • Contact your local grocery store or liquor outlet for empty boxes to pack the shoes in for shipping. If you are in the same town as one of our warehouses, garbage bags will work well. Help prepare shoes by tying the shoelaces together or using elastic bands to secure the pairs.
  • When your shoe drive is complete, please fill out a donor form for each box of shoes with a count of each shoe so we can record your contribution to Shoe Bank Canada’s efforts.
Little Boy holding shoes
Shoe Bank Canada Donated Shoes